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Integrative Psychiatry

Several domains of wellness are integrated into integrative psychiatry, as its name suggests: psychological, biological, social, ecological, and sometimes even spiritual well-being. In contrast to traditional psychiatry, Integrative Psychiatry recognizes that everyone has a unique story and needs that are complex.

A well-rounded approach to wellness utilizes a wide range of alternative methods, such as herbal remedies, supplements, vitamins, diet, lifestyle changes, and community resources.

There is no difference between Integrative Psychiatry and Psychiatry. But you still
benefit from the expertise of a traditional yet specialized psychiatrist. It is a combination of psychopharmacology with the advantages of symptom management, without any limitations. And, it is possible to thrive beyond symptom management.

What are the benefits of Integrative Psychiatry?

People can benefit from integrative psychiatry by addressing a wide range of issues, including:

 Loss of motivation or drive
 Worry and nervousness
 Chronic pain
 Sleep issues
 Low energy
 Panic and anxiety attacks
 Sexual issues
 Bipolar Disorder
 Anger issues
 Schizophrenia
 Overmedication and polypharmacy
 And more

Holistic, comprehensive care is at the heart of Integrative Psychiatry.

Integrative psychiatry – what is it?

Every appointment in Integrated Psychiatry is characterized by time and intentionality.

In addition to considering developmental issues, prior medical conditions, family or genetic issues and more, integrative psychiatrists, such as Zen Integrative Care, take time to listen to your story and treatment history.

The doctor also examines your current physical condition (blood pressure, for example), lifestyle (for example, diet), and medical history in detail. Through the Integrative Psychiatric Institute, I was certified as an Integrative Psychiatrist after spending one year studying more than 120 hours on Integrated Psychiatry.

Integrative Psychiatrists are then able to offer treatment options customized to your needs based on this comprehensive conceptualization. You may be prescribed a specific medication, recommended herbal remedies, given advice about lifestyle changes, and so on.  

The solution may include a single solution or a broader plan for achieving wellness. It may also include modifying prescriptions or changing some of the approaches you use to address a particular problem.

Would I be a good candidate for Integrated Psychiatry?

For those who are concerned about medication or need a clinician who can offer
multiple treatment options, Integrated Psychiatry is an ideal match. A number of studies have also found that it can be especially helpful for individuals whose issues have been addressed through traditional psychiatric care but have not been successful. It is also possible to benefit from Integrated Psychiatry if you have a complex medical history or mental health condition.

It goes without saying that anyone can benefit from working with an Integrative
Psychiatrist – you included. Get the help you deserve, and contact Integrative Psychiatry today if you’re tired of trying to fix the problem by yourself, feeling defeated, or stuck.