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innovative approach

Tradiotional & Holistic Approaches Combined

Zen Integrative Care is a new generation of neighborhood practice based in the greater New York City area. 

Founded and led by Seda Port, nurse practitioner double board-certified in psychiatry and medicine, we emphasize holistic wellbeing and broad accessibility to mental healthcare.

zen integrative care

We create a safe space where you can feel welcomed, heard and cared for, where we work together to help you achieve your goals.


We offer a combination of psychotherapy, medication management, and Ketamine infusion therapy to deliver solutions-based strategies for your needs. 

Whether you are suffering from depression, anxiety, PTSD, ADHD, or other mental and behavioral health difficulties, our psychiatrists and therapists will develop customized treatment and care plans designed to provide sustainable relief so that you may lead a fulfilling life.

We also believe that mental wellbeing should be accessible to all rather than a privilege for the few. We accept a wide range of in and out-of-network insurance plans to deliver the care you need. 

We also arrange customized payment options to suit individual situations and budgets so we can focus on your healing.

innovative approach

How do we do it?

We recognize that everyone is confronted with unique issues, dilemmas, and challenges in their personal, societal, and professional relationships. 

We also believe that everyone possesses remarkable strengths such that with the help of our team of experienced mental health providers, those obstacles can be overcome.



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Wellness & Coaching

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Whenever I contact my therapist at Zen Integrative, I feel calm, relaxed, and peaceful (which makes for a great therapy). She is extremely knowledgeable, professional, kind, and most importantly, she wants to help!! I am beyond grateful for all the assistance and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Zen Integrative to others.

Samantha Riley

For the first time, my son contacted Zen Integrative Care and I am so thankful and overwhelmed with gratitude! I finally found someone who understood what he was going through! The results of his first session of therapy have amazed and overwhelmed me. Therapist was polite, informative and knowledgeable. I was reassured and comforted by the results of his appointment and I believe it was worth every penny and every minute. Nowadays, with so much technology, nobody wants to work or listen, but Zen Integrative Care stands out from the crowd. Many thanks to everyone involved!


The doctors, therapists, etc, are all wonderful people with good hearts. I recommend Zen Integrative Care without a second thought!


Insurance Accepted

Insurance Accepted

what they say

Reviews & Testimonials

In the past few years, Zen Integrative Care has proved to be a lifesaver for our family. We have had great results and the staff has been extremely helpful and cooperative with our insurance. I highly recommend ZIC.


Therapists I worked with at Zen took the time to explain my medical situation, asked questions to understand my needs, and confirmed I understood my options. They both provided comprehensive advice in a warm and professional manner. I would absolutely recommend them to others.


One of the best places to heal your body and soul! My therapist is amazing, attentive to all my needs, and makes sure I am heard before recommending any treatment strategies. Having postpartum depression can be challenging, but Zen Integrative makes it considerably easier. 10/10!


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